Meet The Staff

Kathy Buel

Kathy Buel

Title: Director of the Lead Department and Lead Financing

Responsible for keeping you abreast of leads in your area, lead credits, lead balance notification, lead drop rotation, and helping with any information concerning leads.

Retention Team

LaTeshia, Janiece, Tiffany, Kisha, and Lisa (Not Pictured)

Title: Retention Team!

Responsible for helping keep your business on the books They answer and direct calls, contact policy holders for NTO’s, two week past due notices, pending Underwriting assignments, and will discuss all options and issues to help prevent lapses with reinstatement or redate options.

Sherry Blackmon

Sherry Blackmon

Title: Ted Jr's Personal Assistant, Recruiting Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating recruiting seminars, direct recruiting of agents, forwarding prospects accordingly. Also responsible for online recruiting & taking direct recruiting calls.

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