Welcome to Ted Wilson Jr Group LLC, a regional
agency with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

"I want to personally thank everyone with the Ted Wilson Jr Group and Universal Benefits for the tremendous growth and record shattering first 6 months of 2017. Thousands of families protected with our FCGS Plan. More agents than ever before earning six figure and seven figure income! Congratulations on your hard work that equals success, we only expect to climb to greater heights."

Congratulations to our top agent of the month of June B Lucas with 35,000 in AP!!!!!!!

Ted Wilson Jr.
President, Universal Benefits

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Ted Wilson Jr. Group LLC is a division of Universal Benefits. We operate in 5 states: South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey. Universal Benefits (UBI) is family owned and operated by the Wilson family and is the third fasted growing final expense agency with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company!

Founded in 1981 by Ted Wilson Sr., UBI formed a partnership with Lincoln Heritage in 1989. Since that partnership, the agency has been a leader in final expense sales and has flourished across the south east and the east coast, and continues to grow!

Our goals and values have never changed. We strive to employ the finest men and women to represent our company ideals: insurance education and quality service at an affordable price in our communities.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Lincoln Heritage is committed to helping families across the country in their darkest hours, through simplified processes and quick, personal service.

As a Lincoln Heritage agent, you will be partnered with one of the best in final expense! Since 1963, the company has been focused on providing the best service it can to both the final expense buyer and the final expense agent.

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